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shipping dates and rates


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there can be delays in DELIVERY to some overseas countries. We review each order as it is received and advise you of known delivery delays.

Our shipping service makes direct pickups from our office. Due to schedule demands of the transport company, the actual day that your order ships may vary by a day.

Typical SHIPPING DAYS are Tuesday & Friday. Order must be received by noon Pacific Time of shipping day. Any CHANGES IN SHIP DAY and NO SHIP dates will be posted below. 

We reserve the right to make changes to our shipping schedule. Shipping schedule is generally published one month in advance.

15 - Tuesday
18 - Friday
22 - Tuesday
25 - Friday
29 - Tuesday

Additional NO SHIPMENTS information

We do not ship orders from mid-December through the first couple of days in January due to the high volume of holiday mailings (no exceptions). We appreciate your understanding. Other NO SHIP dates are due to our Cognitive Therapy Training travel schedule, Pop Up CBT events, the occasional holiday, or any US Postal Holidays 2020

DATES OF NO SHIPMENTS IN 2020: November 27, Friday (day after Thanksgiving) and December 16 through January 4 (Winter Holiday Season). Tuesday December 15 is our last shipping day in 2020.

Dates of no shipments in 2019: November 29, Friday (day after Thanksgiving) and December 14 through January 2 (Winter Holiday Season). December 13 is our last shipping day in 2019. [December 14 was our last shipping day in 2018]




2019-2020 SHIPPING RATES (in US dollars)


FREE Shipping on any order $350 or greater / FREE shipping on 8PAKsFREE Priority Mail International on CDPAK25 and CATPAK825

We offer reduced and even FREE shipping specials from time to time. Look in our DEALS sections for current offers. 

PLEASE NOTE: We remain vigorously committed to providing the most economical CBT Training on Disc along with modest shipping fees.

We ship all our packages through the United States Postal Service (USPS). Since 2016, we have had over 20-32% increases in our postal costs BUT have not passed any of those increases on to our customers. As a result, we were subsidizing the difference between what we charge you and what we actually have to pay USPS for postage.

In order to mitigate some of the price increases, we have changed our shipping calculation method from price-based to weight-based. As a result, some of our shipping fees are REDUCED when purchasing Video DVDs. And that is very good news for us to share with you. For orders that involve a larger number of discs, you will notice that once your order reaches $350 subtotal, you receive FREE shipping. In some cases, shipping fees have INCREASED depending on the number of discs in your order and ship to location.

Place your items in your shipping cart, enter your postal code and country, select the correct tax location, and the Shipping Fee is displayed in a drop down box.


$ 6 for orders up to 13 oz or 26 discs
$ 14 for orders over 13 oz (Priority Mail Shipping) and under $350
FREE for orders $350 or greater


$ 10 for orders up to 8 oz or 10 discs
$ 17 for orders over 8 oz and under $350
FREE for orders $350 or greater

ALL OTHER COUNTRIES (UK & rest of World)

$ 14 for orders up to 8 oz or 10 discs
$ 19 for orders over 8 oz and under $350
FREE for orders $350 or greater

Pro Forma Invoicing Shipping Rates

For details, visit our Pro Forma Invoicing page.

Historical USPS Rate Changes

Here are the recent fee increases charged to us by the USPS. They also narrowed the weight categories for International Shipments which makes heavier shipments more expensive thus magnifying any percentage increases.

In 2020: 9.9% increase for International First Class; 6% increase in International Priority Mail shipments; 2% increase in domestic packages
In 2019: 11.9% increase for Domestic First Class Package service, 3.9% increase for First Class International service, 6.2% increase for any Priority Mail shipments
In 2018: 4% increase for most shipping services
In 2017: 3.9% increase for Priority Mail shipments, 4.1% increase for First Class Package service
In 2016: 9.4% increase for Priority Mail shipments, 12.8% increase for First Class Package service, 20% increase for most other shipping services

Delivery Times

USA Addresses: ship USPS First Class Mail. The estimated delivery time varies from 2 - 3 business days. Tracking may not be available on First Class Mail. If shipping weight is greater than 13 ounces (more than 12 individual discs), we ship USPS Priority Mail. Tracking is generally available for Priority Mail.

FOREIGN Addresses: ship First Class Mail International (AIR MAIL). Estimated delivery time: 10+ business days. Tracking may not be available, depending on Ship To Country. The Foreign Addressee is responsible for any taxes (VAT, GST), customs fees and postal fees assessed by the receiving country. Your country's post office will not deliver until these fees are paid.

EMAIL Notification: We send you an email notification when an order has shipped. Your sales receipt will be attached to this notification as a PDF file. Once you receive notice, keep a close watch for your package or notice from your post office. Tracking numbers may not be available for all orders. 


If Ship To CALIFORNIA (USA) address: we collect the mandatory 7.75% California Sales & Use Tax Rate (Huntington Beach) at the time of your order.

If Ship outside CALIFORNIA: we DO NOT collect any taxes. Customs duties, local taxes, and any additional local fees are not covered by our shipping and handling charges. They are the sole responsibility of the customer. If any are due, you pay on your end. The amount and process varies from country to country. Please check with your customs agency for details. If monies are due, your postal service will not deliver until all fees are paid. Please note: we are not responsible for delays, damage, or loss while in the possession of customs agencies. However, in our experience, problems are extremely rare.