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 2017 Featured Product Review 

Review of Case Conceptualization (sku: CC) - 3 hour clinical workshop

DVD & CD's

I'm currently studying (2nd Year) of my CBT diploma course at the Glasgow Cognitive Therapy Centre. I have found the videos and cd's amazing tools to help me study. I work full time as well as studying and drive a lot. I listen to tapes in my car as well as watch the dvd's. They have been fantastic in clarifying and broadening my understanding of CBT. Padesky has a great way to make you understand the theory as well as practice. It was definitely a worth while buy and investment into my studies and future career. It's nice to find good material from advocates of CBT that are easy to listen too, understand and help you put the theory into practice that enhances your learning experience. (Review by Carole Forde Counselling. Received 01/01/2017.)

 REVIEWS for Clinical Workshops (Audio CDs) 

 REVIEWS for Clinical Demonstrations (Video DVD) 


  • 8PAK of DVDs - clinical demonstrations
  • PairPak (features CBT with Couples - sku: PairPAK)

  • FunPak 7 (Includes 7 audio workshops BEHX, CC, CHCT, GOAL, GUID, IMAG & MCCC)
  • FunPak7 Deluxe (includes 2 clinical CBT video demonstrations and 7 audio workshops: vSOQ, vCON, BEHX, CC, CHCT, GOAL, GUID, IMAG & MCCC)

 REVIEWS for Products that are now included in CATPAK825 and 8PAK Discount Bundles 


CATPAK725 (7 clinical demonstrations & 25 audio clinical workshops). This discount bundle has been replaced with CATPAK825.

I purchased the entire audio and video collection and quickly found it to be well worth the price. My competence in helping clients has increased significantly since listening to and watching Dr. Padesky in action. I have become aware of new ideas and techniques which I hadn't been using previously. In particular, I have incorporated Socratic dialogue, cross-sectional analysis, greater use of behavioral experiments, treatment protocols for generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic disorder, phobias and OCD, along with more effective use of core belief work in addressing chronic depression and personality disorders as just a few of the ways I've improved my skills by listening to and watching Dr. Padesky. I think it's very helpful to see her on the DVD's apply the techniques in role plays and with actual clients. On the audio CD's, Dr. Padesky gives detailed, logical, and step-by-step descriptions of how to help clients with the most commonly occurring clinical issues. I've listened to and watched the entire collection so I'm now onto my second and third viewings/listenings. I am still getting extra 'gems' out of this further exposure and the techniques and skills are becoming more automatic and ingrained in my memory. As a triathlete, I often listen to or watch one of Dr. Padesky's CD's while I do a bike workout on my spinner in my living room. That way, I get a good workout for my body and my mind at the same time!

5 stars

7PAK (7 clinical CBT demonstrations - sku:7PAK). This discount bundle is no longer available. It has been replaced by the 8PAK.

These DVDs are excellent demonstrations of CBT techniques done by a true expert in CBT. The techniques are explained in a manner that is easy to understand, then the techniques are demonstrated by Dr Padesky, often with subtitles to highlight. One example is Socratic Dialogue, which Dr Padesky explains, breaking the concepts down into components, then demonstrates with a patient in a manner that helps the viewer translate the concepts into action. Many of my students have commented on how useful these demonstrations are for techniques such as ATRs and CCCs and it gives them the confidence to then role play the techniques with their fellow learners. I have found these useful teaching tools in my own practice as well as for psychiatry residents, and other multidisciplinary professionals. I had purchased the videos 8 years ago and because I have found them so valuable, I recently purchased the DVDs so I could continue to use these in my teaching sessions. I trained in CBT during my residency in Psychiatry in Toronto with an elective in England, taken courses in the US to enhance my skills, have practiced CBT for 9 years and taught and supervised many multidisciplinary CBT students, so make these comments as an experienced CBT practitioner and teacher.

5 stars

7PAK (7 clinical CBT demonstrations - sku:7PAK). This discount bundle is no longer available. It has been replaced by the 8PAK.

DVDs very helpful By Sigrid Johnsen, Norway (product: 7PAK)
I found the dvds very helpful. I am a psychiatrist who is training to be a cognitive therapist. These dvds made it easier for me to learn CBT.


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