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PTSD (15% savings)

PTSD (15% savings)

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Clinical workshop by Christine A. Padesky, PhD
3 Audio CDs • Length 02:40:00


Christine A. Padesky, PhD
3 Audio CDs • Clinical workshop
Length 02:40:00

Cognitive Therapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

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This audio program was edited in 2006 and is consistent with current CBT standards of treatment.


Why do most people recover naturally from trauma over time and yet others experience persistent trauma response?

Learn the updated cognitive theory of PTSD derived from empirical findings. This theory emphasizes the role of memory and beliefs about trauma events and symptoms.

Also identified are the common strategies used to cope with trauma that may actually contribute to the maintenance of PTSD.

With vivid case examples, Dr. Padesky illustrates in detail the revised Cognitive Therapy treatment protocol developed by Ehlers and Clark at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, England.

Learn about the importance of and how to identify "hotspots" in memories and imagery.

The clarity of this new model can help both novice and experienced therapists focus on the pivotal beliefs that maintain PTSD.

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CBT for PTSD 08/28/2014
By Ulrike Klossek
These are excellent training materials. Not that this needs reiterating, but what I particularly love about Dr Padesky’s work is its commitment to being client-centred - regardless of whether the client is an individual seeking therapy, a colleague or a therapist in training. What shines through her work and training materials time and time again is her profound understanding of her audience’s needs that is both analytical and intuitive. She is certainly the best teacher of clinical practice and ‘how-to’ therapy skills I have come across.

These audio CDs contain the recording of a workshop presentation on CBT for PTSD focusing on the Ehlers & Clarke model, which includes questions from the audience. The presentation provides a good introduction to the key features of model (focusing on applied/clinically relevant aspects), some very useful background information as well as a wealth of clinical tips and anecdotes.
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