Cognitive Therapy Training on Disc

Cognitive Therapy Training on DiscTM

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Copyright & Permissions Request Procedure

Cognitive Therapy Training on Disc™ is copyrighted material. The purchaser is licensed to use the product for personal use. Listening and viewing is restricted to mental health professionals and students in a mental health field. Not for use by the Public.

Permissions and Use Restrictions
Our copyrighted training discs are for personal use only by qualified mental health professionals or graduate students in a mental health program. Please make sure that use is limited to these groups. Any duplication, broadcast, other distribution, or electronic storage of this copyrighted material is strictly forbidden. Thank you for your attention and adherence to these permissions and use restrictions.

Not For Use in Commercial Workshops Without Prior Permission
Commercial workshop are ones in which the attendees pay to attend the workshop. This applies to free standing workshops and includes universities and institutions offering continuing education classes. Workshops and training sessions that are part of employment in a clinic or tuition based university classes are not considered commercial. See Permissions Requests Procedure section (listed below) for further details.

Permissions Request Procedure
To seek permissions for use in Commercial Workshops (see above definition), you need to submit a permission request. The audience must consist of only mental health professionals or students in a mental health field. Viewing by the general public is not permitted.

A permissions request must include all of the following information:

  1. Identify the type and anticipated number of audience members
  2. Provide the title of the program (include sku#)
  3. Identify the segment you wish to show, include the approximate run time of that segment
  4. Briefly describe how this segment will be used
  5. Indicate the length of the entire training session in which the segment will be shown
  6. Click here to email your permissions request - this will open your email program. If you have difficulties, open you email program first and then click on our link

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