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Mind Over Mood: In Therapy (for use with 1st Edition) (22% savings)

Mind Over Mood: In Therapy (for use with 1st Edition) (22% savings)

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Clinical presentation by Christine A. Padesky, PhD
1 Audio CD • Length 01:17:00
Refers to First Edition of the book



Christine A. Padesky, PhD
1 Audio CD •. Clinical presentation
Length 01:17:00

MIND OVER MOOD: in Therapy (for use with 1st edition)

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This audio program was edited in 2006 and is consistent with current CBT standards of treatment.

Please note: this program refers to the 1st Edition of Mind Over Mood (published 1995). Since the 1st edition sold over 1 million copies, we know a lot of therapist continue to use the 1st edition and may find this program helpful. The 2nd Edition of Mind Over Mood (published 2016) differs from the 1st Edition and this program is NOT INTENDED FOR USE WITH the 2nd Edition. We hope to publish an audio program regarding the 2nd Edition sometime in 2019.

When you use Mind Over Mood (1st Edition) in cognitive therapy, what is the role of this client manual? What is expected of the client? What is the therapist’s job?

  • Learn the 3 primary functions of the manual along with the six activities reserved for the client

  • Review guidelines to fulfill the six tasks required of a therapist

  • Listen to a therapy session excerpt that interweaves an individualized homework assignment with the therapy alliance and use of treatment protocol

Includes tips to improve client motivation and compliance, discussion of goal setting factors, and the impact of therapist beliefs.

Disc 1 of 1
1. Introduction
2. Self-help Manuals
3. Myths & Issues
4. Job Descriptions
5. Alliance & Skills
6. Role Play: Alliance & Protocols
7. Debriefing
8. Stumbling Blocks
9. Questions & Answers

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