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Imagery in CBT

Imagery in CBT

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Clinical presentation by Christine A. Padesky, PhD
1 Audio CD • Length 00:41:00

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Christine A. Padesky, PhD
1 Audio CD • 41 min clinical presentation

Imagery in CBT

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Padesky's clinical presentation on Imagery in CBT summarizes relevant recent research and discusses ways in which therapists can elicit and work with client imagery. Many therapists are already familiar with the role of imagery in psychotherapy for anxiety disorders. Here she addresses research findings on the importance of working with imagery with depressed and suicidal clients.

Dr Padesky also discusses the use of positive imagery and kinesthetic experiences in the context of her own work on helping clients build NEW belief and behavior systems for interacting with others.

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Disc 1 of 1

  1. Beckian Roots

  2. Important to Ask

  3. Emotions & Cognitions

  4. Positive Imagery & New Behavior

  5. Use in Conceptualization

  6. Reluctance

  7. Personality Disorders

  8. Client’s Choice

  9. Anxiety Disorders

  10. Resilience

  11. OCD

  12. Cutting Behavior

  13. Simple Idea



Average rating:
average rating 70%
2 reviews

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An Essential Teaching 03/29/2017
By Alice Abarbanel PhD
Listening to Christine Padesky (on the Imagery in CBT program) was like a visit from an old friend. I know about the use of imagery, but it is unfortunately all too easy to forget to inquire in the focused way Padesky demonstrates in this CD. The CD presents an overview about imagery, gives pointed reminders, and then in a question-answer format, suggests the use of imagery for a variety of situations. This CD is applicable for all levels of experience.

Featured negative reviews:

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Rather short! 04/28/2013
By David Mair
I was disappointed with this cd mainly because it was a very short talk followed by q&a from the audience. I was really expecting something much more in- depth, with more clinical examples of using imagery in casework. For me, buying a good book about this topic has been a much better investment.
Our responseWe are sorry you were disappointed with the Imagery discussion. Dr. Padesky used questions from experienced therapists to further expand points and to describe, discuss, and delineate the application of imagery in CBT.
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