Cognitive Therapy Training on Disc

Cognitive Therapy Training on DiscTM

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FunPak7 DELUXE (Includes vSOQ, vCON, BEHX, CC, CHCT, GOAL, GUID, IMAG & MCCC for 25% savings)

FunPak7 DELUXE (Includes vSOQ, vCON, BEHX, CC, CHCT, GOAL, GUID, IMAG & MCCC for 25% savings)

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2 video DVDs and 7 Audio CD programs covering the Fundamentals of CBT

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Featuring Christine A. Padesky, PhD
2 Video DVDs • 7 Audio CD programs • offered as a Discount Bundle

Fundamentals of CBT workshops + clinical demonstrations on video DVDs

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The FunPak7 DELUXE is a FunPak7 plus 2 DVD programs. It includes: 5 clinical workshops (Audio CD), 2 clinical lectures/presentations (Audio CD) (see FunPak7 for details) and 2 Video DVD clinical demonstrations.

This DELUXE package boosts your learning through the addition of two clinical demonstrations that illustrate in real time Case Conceptualization (DVD vCON) & Socratic Dialogue (DVD vSOQ) with three types of clients (angry, anxious and depressed).

FunPak7 DELUXE includes:

  • 4 - three hour clinical workshops (Audio CDs) (sku: CC, COAL, GUID, BEHX)

  • 1 - four hour clinical workshop (Audio CDs) with handouts (sku MCCC)

  • 2 - clinical lectures/presentations (Audio CDs) (sku: CHCT, IMAG)

  • 2 - one hour clinical demonstrations (Video DVDs) (sku: VCON. VSOQ)

  • The FunPak7 DELUXE offers you a 25% savings off the retail prices of these programs

  • SAVE over $80 when you order the FunPak7 DELUXE

  • Time limited offer

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1 reviews

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Professor is Learning 08/02/2013
By Sybil Geldart
Thank you for the opportunity to share my experiences – now after having completed 16 hours of workshops from the suite of Padesky’s DVDs and CDs! I’m an associate professor at a university in Ontario, Canada, and an associate editor of an international journal on applied psychology. I have just recently registered with the College of Psychologists as a clinical psychologist in supervised practice. Therefore, despite having some theoretical background I am a beginner in CBT practice and have truly appreciated the professionalism and expertise of Christine Padesky. When she spoke of behavioral experiments, goal setting or guided discovery, for example, Dr. Padesky gave an excellent account of current themes, issues, and logical do’s and don’ts. Padesky gave a balanced view of the field, and spoke honestly and eloquently about the need for research on case conceptualization and the important role of visual imagery for gleaning breadth of information from clients. I plan to continue by practical skills training in CBT with children and adolescents. I think the information will be particularly helpful to me as I counsel students in high school, many of whom present with depression, anxiety, self-harm and poor coping behavior – all of which impact their learning. From a professor who has been teaching child psychology for almost 20 years, a big thank you to Dr. Padesky for a great introduction to cognitive therapy.
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