Cognitive Therapy Training on Disc

Cognitive Therapy Training on DiscTM

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FunPak7 (Includes BEHX, CC, CHCT, GOAL, GUID, IMAG & MCCC for 25% savings)

FunPak7 (Includes BEHX, CC, CHCT, GOAL, GUID, IMAG & MCCC for 25% savings)

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7 Audio CD programs covering the Fundamentals of CBT

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Featuring Christine A. Padesky, PhD
7 Audio CD programs • offered as a Discount Bundle

Fundamentals of CBT

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Our new FunPak7 now includes:

Clinical workshops on Audio CD that cover fundamental skills such as Case Conceptualization (sku CC), Goal Setting (sku GOAL), Guided Discovery (sku GUID) and Behavioral Experiments (sku BEHX).

We include a second Audio CD program on case conceptualization: Step-by-Step Model of Collaborative Case Conceptualization (sku MCCC). It is derived from Padesky's most recent book Collaborative Case Conceptualization (Kuyken, Padesky & Dudley, 2009). This program focuses on the incorporation of strengths and the identification of triggers and maintenance factors. The workshop handouts for MCCC, included on disc 1 as a PDF file, are loaded with conceptualization models and details of all important topics and exercises.

It is also helpful to have an overview of the field and range of CBT so we added in our Conversation Hour (sku CHCT) in which Dr. Padesky offers a personal perspective on the evolution of cognitive therapy as well as a wide-ranging question & answer session with therapists. (Audio CD)

Imagery in CBT (sku IMAG) covers relevant recent research and discusses ways in which therapists can elicit and work with client imagery. (Audio CD)

FunPak7 includes:

  • 4 - three hour clinical workshops (Audio CDs): (sku: CC, COAL, GUID, BEHX)

  • 1 - four hour clinical workshop (Audio CDs) plus handouts: (sku MCCC)

  • 2 - clinical lectures/presentations (Audio CDs): (sku: CHCT, IMAG)

  • 25% savings off the retail prices of these programs

  • Save over $47 when you order the FunPack7

  • Time limited offer

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cds 06/26/2015
By Laura Plant (Psychology)
Although I now have my post graduate diploma in CBT, I still consider myself as in an active learning process. I love the Padesky cds because I play them over and over and improve my skills in every area as she spells out a lot of the reasons why we should do things in a particular way, e.g., guided discovery is useful as it helps me to practice not being didactic which was part of my previous role as an adviser
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