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Case Conceptualization - audio workshop (15% savings)

Case Conceptualization - audio workshop (15% savings)

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Clinical workshop by Christine A. Padesky, PhD
2 Audio CDs Length 02:23:00


Christine A. Padesky, PhD
2 Audio CDs • Three hour clinical workshop

Case Conceptualization: An In-session Collaboration

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This audio program was edited in 2006 and is consistent with current CBT standards of treatment.

Dr. Padesky defines cognitive case conceptualization and explains why she believes it is most useful when constructed collaboratively in-session with the client. In several role-play case demonstrations, she skillfully guides clients to conceptualize their problems in ways that highlight change possibilities.

Consider how in-session conceptualization increases client self-compassion. Hear clients comment on how participation in case conceptualization actually contributes to therapy motivation.

  • After this workshop, one of the participants wrote Dr. Padesky to say, I now really grasp the concept and I'm thoroughly enjoying using it with my clients.

  • Another described the difference this type of case conceptualization made in her work with a client who was stuck: ... the client was so excited, even though some of the revelations were painful for her.

Listen to this workshop and learn how to more thoroughly engage your clients in therapy.

Disc 1 of 2
1. CC Models
2. Guidelines
3. Research Findings
4. Client Centered CC
5. Role Play: 5 Part Model
6. Debrief Role Play
7. Purpose of CC
8. Tips

Disc 2 of 2
1. Cognitive CC
2. Circular Model
3. Individualized Model Role Play: BPD
4. Client Skill Level
5. Summary

Average rating:
average rating 100%
3 reviews

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DVD & CD's 01/01/2017
By Carole Forde Counselling
I'm currently studying (2nd Year) of my CBT diploma course at the Glasgow Cognitive THerapy Centre. I have found the videos and cd's amazing tools to help me study. I work full time as well as studying and drive a lot. I listen to tapes in my car as well as watch the dvd's. They have been fantastic in clarifying and broadening my understanding of CBT. Padesky has a great way to make you understand the theory as well as practice. It was definitely a worth while buy and investment into my studies and future career. It's nice to find good material from advocates of CBT that are easy to listen too, understand and help you put the theory into practice that enhances your learning experience.
Our responseThank you for your positive comments. We wanted to point out to our readers that you referred to the following video DVD and CD programs in your review: > Collaborative Case Conceptualization (video DVD / sku: vCON) > Case Conceptualization: An In-session Collaboration (audio CD / sku: CC) > CBT for Social Anxiety - clinical workshop (audio CD / sku: SANX) > Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Cognitive Theory & CT Protocol (audio CD / sku: PTSD) > Behavioral Experiments: Testing the Rules That Bind (audio CD / sku: BEHX)
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Worth every penny 12/29/2014
By Alison Blencowe
I'm a trainee Clinical Psychologist using CBT with adults for the first time. I found the workshop really clear and the examples incredibly useful. I am one of those early career people described in the workshop overwhelmed by the number of disorder specific models out there, especially since none of my clients seem to fit 'perfectly'. This workshop freed me from the need to squeeze clients into a specific model inappropriately and decide on which models I want to work with. More than anything, I've been struggling to be collaborative when developing conceptualisations with clients but I've not known what to do differently to improve this. Clear guidelines are given and then acted out in the worked examples, giving me great ideas on how to make changes to my practice. Similarly, the live role plays also illustrate how to adapt when things don't go to plan and a detailed conceptualisation can't yet be achieved. Christine expertly works through this in a way that still helps the client and the therapist start understanding what's going on for the client without either party becoming stumped or frustrated - which is something else I've been struggling with. I'm so pleased I invested in these discs so early on in my career. The only improvement I would suggest is trying to include pictures of the final example conceptualisations completed during the workshop. I've made drawings based on what I've heard but I felt it would be useful to be able to compare these to what was actually developed in the workshop.
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Excellent resource 09/04/2017
By Sacha Langley BA /DipSw
I am a trainee CBT therapist and have found listening to the CD really useful , it has been very helpful to understand case conceptualisation and how this works as the foundation to any future work with clients. Collaboration and idiosyncratic conceptualisation are also a cornerstone to effective working with clients.
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