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Phobias & Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Phobias & Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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Clinical workshop by Christine A. Padesky, PhD
2 Audio CDs Length 01:57:00


Christine A. Padesky, PhD
2 Audio CDs • Clinical workshop
Length 01:57:00

Brief Cognitive Therapy for Phobias & Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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This audio program was edited in 2006 and is consistent with current CBT standards of treatment.

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Details five stages of phobia treatment for adults and children, use of imagery, and the PR Plan™ for overcoming avoidance.

  • Do we have to bring snakes into the office if my client has a snake phobia?

  • How does cognitive therapy help children with school phobia?

  • My clients with GAD have so many different worries, do we do thought records for each of them?

  • What is the PR Plan™?

Phobias and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) are two of the most common problems for which people seek therapy.

Hear the principles of successful phobia treatment, such as "exposure beyond the goal." Diverse case examples illustrate the five-step treatment phases and how CT can be personalized to more quickly identify and change the central fears maintaining phobias.

The phobia treatment protocol is sometimes misapplied, especially with social phobia. Dr. Padesky describes her own approach to treating social phobia which emphasizes coping with criticism rather than changing the client's expectation that people will be critical. Both adult and child cases are presented.

The treatment of GAD focuses on developing confidence in coping rather than testing dangerousness beliefs on thought records. The PR Plan™, specifically devised as an intervention tool for clients with GAD, is described. The listener is guided through the PR Plan™ in an exercise so clinicians can hear directly how this method is used.

Disc 1 of 2
1. Goal of Treatment
2. Phobias
3. Idiosyncratic Fears
4. Demo: Agoraphobia
5. Problem Solving
6. Demo: Imagery
7. Exposure

Disc 2 of 2
1. Social Phobia
2. Blood Phobia
3. Children: Phobias
4. GAD
5. PR Plan™
6. Summary

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Phobias & Generalized Anxiety Disorder 05/09/2018
By Rosa Dragonetti
Great resource for those new to the field as well as those with experience looking for ways to improve/expand skills.
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