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Anxiety Disorders: Principles & Methods

Anxiety Disorders: Principles & Methods

Anxiety Disorders: Principles & Methods
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Clinical workshop by Christine A. Padesky, PhD
2 Audio CDs Length 02:20:00


Christine A. Padesky, PhD
2 Audio CDs • Clinical workshop
Length 02:20:00

Cognitive Therapy of Anxiety Disorders: Principles & Methods

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This audio program was edited in 2006 and is consistent with current CBT standards of treatment.


  • Cognitive theory of anxiety

  • Five areas of treatment intervention

  • Role of medication

Disc 1 of 2
1. Anxiety
2. Cognitive Errors
3. Physiology
4. Beck's Model
5. Levels of Thought
6. Treatment Principles
7. Client Discovery

Disc 2 of 2
1. Relaxation Methods
2. Guidelines
3. Cognitive Methods
4. Medication
5. Environment
6. Summary

Anxiety Disorders: Principles & Methods
Average rating:
2 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

Anxiety Disorders: Principles & Methods
Valuable Information
I've already listened to several of Dr. Padesky's programs and they are all great quality and value. It has made my driving time an opportunity for acquiring new techniques that I have been able to implement into my practice.
Anxiety Disorders: Principles & Methods
Anxiety disorders
I am a trainees CBT Therapist. Whereas I had though this CD was just for GAD, it gives an over view of all anxiety disorders which is helpful primer. I found it particularly helpful listening to this in my car, especially the section on breathing techniques and how important it is to ask the client to demonstrate what they are doing (particularly if they say they've tried and it doesn't work), to instruct accordingly and to practice. I love the way Christine presents material and makes it so accessible and the important message she conveys about valuing clients strengths, guided discovery and collaborative empiricism.
An important point she drives home, is that anxiety needs to be tested 'in vivo' i.e rate anxiety when the person is in the driving seat anticipating a catastrophe as well as in the safety of the office environment.
I'm looking forward to hearing the rest of the series